Arche du Ponadieu: two etimologies can be envisaged for this pretty toponym “lou bridge natiou” – natural bridge, that results from the limestone deposits of a source disappeared by now and “lou bridge to Diou” mentionning the divine hand which has shaped it so artistically.
   Do not worry about orienting on the track. A bunch of labels and pointers will guide you through. But … this “but” is always there, a dozen of barely noticeable paths are leaving from the main track down to the river. Most of them are trampled by fishermen or hunters. Please avoid those paths. At least, they are pretty dangerous.

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   This amazing, easy track is in 10-15 minutes driving from Grasse to St. Vallier, than through the village. Take left after the circular intersection to chemin de la Siagne. Drive strait forward to get to the parking in 3,5 kms.

   You can start the path by two entrances. One – just from the parking lot, to get to the second one  fallow down the road for about 1 km. Both are marked “Arche du Ponadieu”.  There’s  a very steep rocky descent immediately after the first entrance It is strongly recommended to choose the “down the road” option. It’s easier and we bet you will not be disappointed by the views.

   Important note – on the way back  two returning to the parking lot options are available as well. We recommend you return the same way you came. It’s perfectly possible to climb straight to the parking. This option is much shorter, only 200 meters, but these are two hundred of very vertical and stony meters. For an untrained person, they instantly turn the track from a simple to a very sporty one. And especially it’s not worth it, if you are there with your kids. Shorter does not always mean faster and better.

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Arche du Ponadieu (Arch of Ponadieu)