Prepare your visit to Grasse, the city of thousands of fragrances

Take a time to read this nine years worldwide bestseller by Patrick Süskind or watch a movie by Tom Tykwer all about scent, passion and Grasse, even when it takes action somewhere else

Just follow the breadcrumbs. You'll never miss anything neither get lost



Perfumer Grasse

We’d suggest to start your rendezvous with the city from this very unique museum, exposing more then 50000 showpieces. It is worth spending a couple of hours and a few euros to shine with your deep knowledge of the history and subtleties of the art of perfumery

Notre Dame du Puy Grasse Saint Marc

Guy Bouchara & Lynne de R.


Walking through the old city’s narrow streets do not miss this perfume boutique. We believe it’s one of the most remarkable in the town as much for the fragrances by Guy and Lynne as for its interiors which inspired Patrick Süskind and the “Perfume” movie crew the Maitre Giuseppe Baldini perfume store interiors. Once in a while Lynne shows  the first edition of the “Perfume” signed by the author and tells the story of him dropping by with the book became a best-seller. The city hall  officially granted to Guy Bouchara the privilege to put its coat of arms on his Eau de Grasse fragrances series 

Rose Centifolia, Jasmin & Tuberose

Grasse's emblematic flowers

Many of tourist guides suggest an image of the perfumery capital drowning in the flowers fields. It was, but not anymore. Considering the land prices among the world’s highest and the mind blowing labour involved, the colourful fields almost disappeared. 10.000 tonnes of jasmine produced in 1938, 100 in 1981, no statistics in 2019. 

Hopefully nothing is lost yet since there are a few enthusiasts making their bread growing flowers

One of the most ancestral families in Grasse

Patrick Isnard

There is an 800 years long history between the Isnards and Grasse still being written. They’ve been knights, consuls, judges, tanners, glovers, perfumers and flower producers. The Isnard family continues the development of Grasse floral production in their family domain. Real land of perfumers for more than two hundred years, it is composed of a listed multicentenary olive grove, lush vegetation, fragrant plants (rose of May, jasmine of Grasse …), sources and ancestral vestiges. Their perfumes, made from natural flowers and handcrafted in Grasse, are the tributes to the history of Grasse and Provence.

One of the most impressive views from Princess Pauline garden